Tasty history

of ARGO sweets

ARGO sweets are full of flavour and have brought joy to many for more than30 years. The story of sweet treats from Łańcut begins in 1992, when, as a family-run company, we made our dream come true. Both then and now our goal has been to manufacture high-quality delicious sweets, lollipops and hard candies. We are constantly extending our offer with new, unique goods to bring joy to our customers.
For more than two years, we have been trying to promote Łańcut with our slogan. The idea naturally stems from 30 years of ARGO’s relationship with Łańcut. Łańcut is a beautiful town with a rich history and amazing people who create its ambience. As “the sweetest element of the business landscape” in this region, we take every opportunity to promote the assets of our town.

More sweets from Argo

The first years of our operations have marked a period of rapid growth. ARGO sweets have captured the hearts of both the younger and elder enthusiasts of sweet treats, mustering our team's energy to be even more creative in creating original recipes and products. Today, we offer a wide array of products, including hard candies, sweets and filled lollipops (also filled with bubble gum), chocolates, as well as explicit, hand-made holiday goods and special occasion products (including Easter lambs and St. Valentine’s lollipops).

We strive for improvement

Along with the successful development of our company, we have been setting more demanding and ambitious goals. Thus, we have decided to become the Polish market leader and successfully enter foreign markets. Today, we produce about 5 million kilograms of delicious sweets annually, including over 100 million lollipops.

We are hard-working and passionate, welcoming new trends and constantly improving our products. Therefore, our sweets are available in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, as well as in Romania, Estonia, Sweden, Greece, but there is more. We have managed to enter markets on other continents and even cross the ocean. AGRO sweets are now found in the USA, Uzbekistan and Libya, as well as in China.

Awards and distinctions; how we are being recognized by the business world

Since 2007, our food safety-oriented approach has been governed by the highest level International Food Standard Certificate. It is a distinction that proves the best quality of our products and the innovative character of our company (ideas concerning our infrastructure, including an industrial park and newly opened laboratory).

In 2006 and 2011 ARGO was given the “Gazelle of Business” award which means that our company has joined the ranks of the fastest growing enterprises in Poland.

Philosophy of the best quality

We deliver the highest quality of products for a competitive price. Additionally, we value reliability and care about our customers. Those are the features that distinguish us so that we can meet the most refined tastes.

Natural colourings and aromas, fruit juices and vitamins, no preservatives or allergens prove the high class of our goods.