Promotional spots of ARGO


Promotional spots of ARGO

"Sweets made with love" – the first of two promotional spots of ARGO company planned for 2018. The spot was realized as a part of Go to Brand project, co-financed from European funds. The major role plays CHOCO JELLO brand - chocolate candies with a thick fruit filling in 5 flavors.

For many years marketing activities of ARGO Sp. z o.o. are focused mainly on international markets. Export is a pillar of sale -  the company constantly invests in its development.

The premiere of the spot will take place at AFRICA’S BIG 7 2018, in which ARGO is going to participate for the first time. Africa is one of many international destinations planned for the coming years.

Spot is one of the elements of ARGO promotional strategy, focused on foreign markets.

Sweet made with love – it is a slogan that ARGO defines its commitment and passion in the production of sweets.