X-MASS POPS CHRISTMAS TREE – how we promote eco-friendly social attitudes


X-MASS POPS CHRISTMAS TREE – how we promote eco-friendly social attitudes


We are pleased to present to you one of our Christmas novelties called X-MASS POPS. Standing behind this name are delicious 10 g lollipops in the flavors most popular among children: orange, lemon, apple, strawberry and cola.

The Marketing and Supply Departments working on this project attempted to create a packaging that, apart from its basic aesthetical and product-protecting functions, would bring an additional value with itself, i.e., could be reused in accordance with the principle of 3Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle.

On the packaging of the X-MASS POPS, we have placed a QR code redirecting you to our Christmas video production. In it, we are presenting some ideas on how to reuse the packaging, which are basically the ideas for the "new life of the cardboard box". Apart from that, the essential added value here is the colouring book placed on the inside walls of the Christmas tree box. After colouring and reassembling the carton the other way round, you will easily receive a renewed, original packaging for your gift.

Let us invite you to the premiere of the X-MASS POPS instructional video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0kQi-ZKocI

We as a company are aware of the ongoing environmental degradation and we take steps to minimize this process. X-MASS POPS is the next step on our eco-friendly road. An interesting fact here is that at the moment we are planning to implement a whole new format of collective packaging for our GUM POP lollipops, which will let us reduce plastic emissions into the environment by about 70% compared to the current packaging.